A Practical, Professional and Spiritual Approach to LifeAre you ready for an adventure to take the next step in reaching your full potential?

Often professionals reach a plateau of success, where they feel burned out, or are looking for the next step. I guide people looking to use their professional skills in more meaningful ways to create a more purposeful and fulfilling life.People who benefit the most from working with me are:

  • Professionals in transition wanting to use their talents in more personally-fulfilling ways.
  • Creative individuals seeking an outlet for what they have to share in the world.
  • Baby Boomers reassessing their lives to make sure they are living life as fully as possible.
  • People wanting to ´take their next step´ but not sure what that is or how to do it.
  • People seeking personal growth & spiritual development.
My coaching assists people to:

  • Find their Life Purpose, so that they can feel confident that they are going in the right direction and on their own path.
  • Live up to their True Potential—experience and express the best of who they are and what they have to give.
  • Create Fulfillment in their lives, by aligning their lives with what truly has meaning and purpose to them. This is something that is beyond success and achievment of goals; it is a way of living that naturally makes people feel good about themselves.

In each session, my work with clients is a blend of practical—helping them accomplish their goals, and spiritual—connecting with their inner self.

My Unique 3D/4D/5D Coaching Method

I use unique 3D/4D/5D coaching which allows you to experience yourself, your desires and your goals from many perspectives. Each contributes to a richer and more fulfilling life.

  • 3D = our goals, conscious desires, life situations, work/life balance, etc.
  • 4D = our inner wisdom, knowing, guidance, intuition and divine purpose.
  • 5D = the state of being achieved when everything connects to experience bliss.

Here are some ways you can Take Your Next Step:


‘I can help you achieve a life of
guidance & grace, passion & purpose.’
Suzanne Strisower
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